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Relax & Let Things Be

Life is seldom easy.

Relax; let things be.

Complications arise from the simplest things. The garbage disposal jams. In attempting to clear it, pipes break. Water floods under the sink. Cupboards get soaked. Now there’s an unexpected mess to clean up.

If only we’d let things be.

While it would be easy to let things be, the mess needs to be cleaned up. You call a plumber to repair your stupidity. Plungers are not made for kitchen sinks. While you wait for the problem to be solved, life goes on.

You adapt. You put a bucket under the leak and do the pile of stacked dirty dishes. It’s not a big deal any more. Relax. It’s a minor annoyance; something that irritates you until it returns to what was once considered normal.

Life is like that, so take it easy.

We must accept the challenges of life. Each has our own cross to bear. When we learn to accept things as they are, we can tolerate irritations. They are what they are.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and move on. Let things be. It is only one moment in time. Getting upset about what happens is denying it was inevitable.

Imagine being attentive to driving and then absent-mindedly–yet consciously–turning the wrong way. You feel a crunch and stop immediately. The car door opens a bit weird. You get  out and realize you bumped into a concrete pillar. There’s a big dent in y our previously unblemished vehicle. Is it panic time?

No! There’s nothing you can do in that moment to undo the damage. If only you could turn back the clock. You have to let it be what it is. Life goes on. You made a mistake. You’re human! You have to live with the consequences. The vehicle can be driven. Yes, it’s dented but it doesn’t need to be towed. Life is like that; little dents without major damage.