My first novel, Shevivor, is now available on Amazon or for purchase right here.

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Some who have read Shevivor are asking when the sequel will be available.

Janet Murphy is the daughter of a Pittsburgh (PA) police officer and a high school teacher. After graduating from college and becoming a professional media sales representative, she speaks to her mother’s class and encounters an active shooter situation. Although she takes out the shooter, she loses her mother and is wounded herself.

It’s the story of a young Irish Catholic redhead who learns to hunt with her father, brothers, and uncle in the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She survives getting lost during a snowstorm and being attacked by a deranged friend of her uncle who kills her grandfather. She also becomes successful as a deer hunter.

Janet goes on to achieve her dream of owning a lodge in the mountains of Montana where she survives more perilous events.

Shevivor book cover
Cover of Shevivor designed by Angela Collier