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Writing A to Z

Where does the inspiration to write come from?

A writer can go days–or longer–without being inspired to write.

Before they sit down to type on a keyboard they wait for ideas to surface.

Creativity must kindle a spark to ignite the flame allowing words to flow onto paper or into storage.

Developing the plot from origin to conclusion becomes a primary focus.

Escape from ennui to delve deep into the fantasy being created consumes the writer.

Forgetting the world around them, characters come to life, scenes absorb detail, and the tale follows its path.

Gaining a grip on where the author conveys action or crises envelops the writer’s process.

He, or she, finds the words that complete sentences and builds paragraphs.

Ink flows.

Jumping from pages, characters come to life in the reader’s mind.

Keep their attention the writer tells themself.

Leave out fluff words.

Manage the development of your story and how you spend your time telling it.

Never quit until it’s complete but reserve opinion on whether more work is necessary.

Objective critique can be helpful in evaluating your writing but remember it is you who has final say.

People will be either critical or supportive of what you have written and either is okay.

Quit and you give the naysayers control.

Remember to reward yourself when you’ve achieved milestones in developing your writing.

Some styles of writing, such as newspaper reporting, come far easier to some writers than to others who love magazine or blog or advertising copy writing.

Take time to be honest with yourself about the readability and marketing skill you possess.

Understand strengths and weaknesses when it comes to where your talent lies.

Very few become best-selling authors and earn millions.

When inspiration moves you to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, write and let the words flow.

X-ray vision won’t change words but could be a power of a character.

You control your destiny, when you write, why you have a story to tell, and how you write it.

Zest for writing is natural but has to dominate your time and emotions to call yourself a writer.

Written 12-3-2022. Merry Christmas!