Contact Terry

The best way to communicate with me is to send me an E-mail.

Fresh snow on grounds of St. Bernard Parish in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

My goal is to serve. If you want someone to read what you’ve written, I can help.

If you want someone to edit what you’ve written, I can do that, too, but a modest fee is required.

If you want me to write copy for you, there’s an hourly rate that includes research and time on the phone.

Send an E-mail to and kindly put Help Me in the Subject line.

No SPAM, please! 

With so many robocalls reaching my smart phone every day (Yes! I have gotten a robocall from my own number!), I prefer not to list my number on websites. I also refuse to answer calls from unrecognized numbers. Please E-mail me first and then we can converse in person or by phone.

I would like to hear from you!