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Shevivor book cover
Cover of Shevivor designed by Angela Collier

The pandemic was good for me as a writer. Being limited in outdoor pursuits, I challenged myself to write 1,000 words a day. It proved to be an easy challenge to meet and many days I exceeded that goal in little more than an hour at the keyboard.

If you are a writer like I am, challenge yourself to write every day, whether it is 1,000 words or 500 does not matter. The point is you are writing!

My first novel, Shevivor has been available on Amazon since April 2020 and remains available on this website if you would like an autographed copy!

The outstanding cover was designed by Angela Collier, a graphic arts student at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay when she agreed to tackle this project from my rough sketches. She now lives in the state of Washington.

I trust you will enjoy reading about Janet Murphy and her family-oriented exploits. It is a complex story covering a myriad of incidents and events. As a successful advertising sales executive; her story offers valuable insight into marketing strategies.

Readers have commented that Shevivor left them hungry for more. Work is almost complete on a sequel, tentatively titled Shevivor…Again. Editing is pending. There are exciting new chapters and surprises! Think airplanes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sporting my Charlie’s t-shirt, my brother and I strolled the Poipu beach area of Kauai in February 2022.

Do some exploring if you’d like to learn more about me and what I write. My goal is to share words with you and trust you will continue to follow my writing…maybe buy one of my books.

News Update:  My bride and I spent two glorious weeks back in Hawaii in February 2022, staying on Kauai with my brother and sister-in-law on Lawai Beach. Paradies!

My term as president of Shawano Area Writers was completed May 20th of 2021. Dennis Vickers was elected as my successor. You are invited to check out our writer’s group by clicking on the link above. If  you are a writer or aspire to be one, a writer’s group offers you motivation, incentive, camaraderie, and enthusiasm for writing.

I need to renew my membership in the Wisconsin Writer’s Association. which I joined on the recommendation of my friend and fellow writer, John J. Mutter, Jr. John has chaired the Shawano Area Writers’ student writing contest for its entire 15-year existence.

I also belong to the Green Bay Area Writer’s Guild which has been meeting virtually via Zoom since the pandemic stifled face-to-face meetings.  For more information, click on the link above.

In my career I have crafted more than one million words and traveled more than one million miles. Sounds like the title of my memoir, so stay tuned. Tentative title reflects the way I sign notes to friends…Just Me, T.C.

I enjoy nature and find water and woods more inspirational than concrete and steel. My true passion is writing!

Enjoy exploring…and reading!