I’m Terry C. Misfeldt and I’m always getting ideas for stories. When I try to develop them, some become novel length while others end up as shorter essays or blogs.

My first published piece was “Space,” a poem that came out in 1981 on page 207 of The World’s Great Contemporary Poems.

I grew up in a small German-Polish farming community in central Wisconsin where I learned to hunt with my dad, a World War II veteran and milk inspector. Dad loved farm life and always seemed to be connected to agriculture in some way. I grew up working on farms and exploring the woodlands around home. I still enjoy being in the woods and hunting with my son or friends. I host a family heritage website for the Misfeldt family, although getting and sharing genealogical information can be challenging.

First and foremost, though, I’m a writer. My mother was a kindergarten teacher who taught me to read and write, first printing and then cursive. She inspired my love of reading that continues today. I keep track of what I read on Good Reads. I learned to type on a manual typewriter and was fortunate to take a Smith-Corona portable to college. Eventually, I graduated to an IBM Selectric machine and my writing speed improved. Then along came computers and life as a writer was enriched beyond measure. Now my typing keeps up with my thought process more readily.

My writing career has been blessed by a stint as photojournalist for my home town newspaper. One of my revered images is the sunset taken at the Black River Jam (shown below) that was popular with those who attended. It was an awesome event put on by my neighbor and friend, Dennis Ogurek.

My newspaper work gave me the opportunity to blossom into managing editor and editor of Future magazine and director of publications for The United States Jaycees while it was still  headquartered in Tulsa.

Since moving back to Wisconsin after living in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Illinois, I have written commercials, business plans, and market research studies for a variety of clients in my business ventures. I own Brand Irons, a consulting firm specializing in market research and feasibility studies, where I am President and Trail Boss.

Writing remains my passion. My goal: To be a well-rounded, world-class, creative writer and editor who has a positive impact on the lives of others.

I belong to the Green Bay Area Writer’s Guild and to Shawano Area Writers, where I currently serve as president. I am also a member of the Wisconsin Writer’s Association. I edited and published the 50th anniversary edition anthology of Shawano Area Writers, available through Amazon.

I am a 4th Degree member of the Knights of Columbus and active in my parish, currently serving as president of our parish council. I find it ironic that I attended St. Bernard Parish in my home town and now am a member of St. Bernard Parish in Green Bay.

  • Projects

I have several writing projects in development, and you’ll learn more about those as this website develops.

One that has been brewing for some time is Smokey the Hobo, a children’s book that I collaborated on with Thomas Knaus. It’s finished and we’re looking for a publisher to get it in print for young adults to enjoy. We are considering self-publishing so it is available to readers.

Another project close to completion is a novel about a courageous young woman who survives more attacks than most people ever face. Shevivor is ready to be printed once the cover is finalized. It’s been designed by Angela Collier, a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.

I’m also working on my memoirs and short stories about being in touch with people on the other side.

This image from August 2017 is that of my family. I am proud of my children and grandchildren. They are a source of my inspiration to write, and I value them dearly.