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Look Up! What Do You See?

Copyright 2020 – Terry C. Misfeldt

Look Up! What do you see?

Sometimes it is a clear blue sky

Fluffy white clouds floating by

Rainbows spreading colors

Beauty, peace, and tranquility

Trees holding up the heavens

Leaves and branches swaying in the wind

You see the invisible wind, too

Imagination taking you to deep space

Stars glittering the darkened night

Yellow moon slowly moving by

Birds. Birds. Birds. Cardinals, Wrens, Doves

Eagles soaring up above

Geese migrating in vee formation

Visions of life and goodness

Sunshine and rain provide God’s gifts

Faith in an almighty being.

Look Down. What do you see?

Dirt becoming mud in the rain

Reeking garbage at the curb

Fences. Fences. Fences. Chain Link, Privacy, Barbed

Grass and the need to mow…again

Pavement: Asphalt, concrete and steel machinery

Vehicles in traffic, congestion, noise, pollution

Undone chores, stress, problems, anxiety, mistakes

People hustling and bustling about

Houses, monstrous money pits

Filth, insects, ants, bees, mosquitoes…BUGS

Problems, nothing but irritations.

Moral of the story: Look Up!