Christmas 2020

As Christmas 2020 lies but two days ahead on the calendar, the global celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ inspires a time for reflection.

Of course, reflecting on the amazing influence the birth of a child can have on humanity is worth a mention. Think of someone who was born in less than sterile conditions, never drove a car or watched a television program yet is adored around the world. He healed the sick. Raised the dead. Showed us how to live and died for our sins.

Today there are thousands of churches where believers come to share their faith in Jesus Christ and, yes, share their wealth to have that religious freedom, especially in the United States.

And Christmas, which falls at the end of the last month of the year, is an opportunity to look back…and forward. Christmas 2020 sees the world still battling the Corona virus but excited about the potential of vaccines now becoming available. People have had their lives changed. Many have lost their jobs…and in some cases, their identities. Depression, drug use, and alcohol abuse are rampant. We have struggled, yet persevered.

That is the message of Christmas 2020: Be strong and persevere. We can get through this and survive. Can you change what happened in the past year? Six months? Week?


Can you alter what lies ahead?


What you have is today. Now. Tell people you love them. Enjoy life. Appreciate what you have. Know that faith in God gives meaning…and purpose to life. Serve others. Be kind. You are what you are. Embrace it.